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[ANN] Luke 0.8.1 released

Andrzej Białecki-2
Hi all,

I decided to make a quick update to the previous release and to address
some issues related to the way you can work with TermVectors and Payloads.

As usually, you can get the binaries and sources here:


New features and improvements:
* When editing document fields it's now possible to specify TermVectors
   with offsets and/or positions.

* Added ability to show term vector positions and offsets, if available.
   It's also possible to copy this list to the clipboard.

* Added ability to show term positions within a document, and display
   term payloads if available, using one of several pre-defined payload
   decoders. It's also possible to copy this list to the clipboard.

* It's possible now to view the full content of a stored field using
   various content decoders (hex, date / time, number, utf8, arrays of
   int or float)

* Layout of "Browse by Term" panel is changed so that it better reflects
   the available navigation.

Bug fixes:
* Check added to prevent from adding new documents if no index is open.

* Wrong class was used in IndexGate to represent deletable files, which
   caused a ClassCastException.

* Some query types may have been skipped when displaying Explanation.

Have fun!

Best regards,
Andrzej Bialecki     <><
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