[ANNOUNCE] Apache Hadoop Ozone 0.3.0-alpha release

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Hadoop Ozone 0.3.0-alpha release

Marton, Elek-2

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Apache Hadoop community
has voted to release Apache Hadoop Ozone 0.3.0-alpha (Arches).

Apache Hadoop Ozone is an object store for Hadoop built using Hadoop
Distributed Data Store.

This release contains a new S3 compatible interface and additional
stability improvements.

For more information and to download, please check


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the release, and everyone in
the Apache Hadoop community! The release is a result of work from many
contributors. Thank you for all of them.

Marton Elek

ps: This release is still alpha quality, it's not recommended to use in

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