AlreadyClosedException in Lucene 5.2.1

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AlreadyClosedException in Lucene 5.2.1

Kudrettin Güleryüz
Hi everyone,

I understand that NFS is not suggested for Lucene indexes. Nevertheless it
is the situation where I work and I'd like to make sure if the problem I am
having is because of indexes on NFS.

Here is the exception:

/mounts/remote/1512101406864/case-trigram/_76n.nvd is not existent however
there are bunch of segments in that directory just fine. That directory and
its parents (except root) are writable by the user running the indexer

This is happening happening sporadically. Next time the indexer runs it may
well complete or break due to the problem I am investigating.  In case it
may be related, I noticed the problem after upgrading to Debian 8.9 from
Debian 7.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thank you