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Boosting specific Searchable

When using the MultiSearcher to search over a set of indexes, I would
like to increase the boost factor for documents coming from a specific
index.  Using the example below, I would like to tell the MultiSearcher
to boost documents coming from index0:

Searcher[] searchers = new Searcher[3];
searchers[0]  = new Searcher(index0);
searcher s[1] = new Searcher(index1);
searchers [2] = new Searcher(index2);

MultiSearcher ms = new MultiSearcher[searchers];
Hits hits =;

Is this possible?  If so, where should I begin?  I have looked a little
at creating a special filter, but am not sure that is the route to go.  
Any help would be greatly appreciated. (As a side note, my hits may be
in the thousands, so performance is also an issue).


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