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Failed to create collection

Issei Nishigata
Hello, all.

I have 1 collection running, and when I tried to create a new collection with the following command,
$ solr-6.2.0/bin/solr create -c collection2 -d data_driven_schema_configs

I got the following error.
Connecting to ZooKeeper at sample1:2181,sample2:2182,sample3:2183 ...
Uploading /tmp/solr-6.2.0/server/solr/configsets/data_driven_schema_configs/conf for config collection2 to ZooKeeper at

Creating new collection 'collection2' using command:

ERROR: Failed to create collection 'collection2' due to: Could not fully create collection: portal2

I can see collection2 on the collections list of Solr Admin UI. but I can't confirm collection2 on the graph list of Solr Admin UI, and
collection selector as well.

Does anyone know about cause for this error?
Could you please help me on how to resolve them?