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Fetcher error 555

Sadiki Latty

I have an error that I've been trying to decipher with no success.  I am seeing multiple instances of it but I haven't noticed any particular pattern nor can I find anyone with a similar issue. Error below:

2018-07-30 10:35:21,099 INFO  fetcher.FetcherThread - FetcherThread 63 fetch of https://abc.def.ca/node/1035 failed with: Http code=555, url=https:// abc.def.ca/node/1035

1.       I don't know what error HTTP code 555 is

2.       I am not seeing any pattern as between the various failing URLs

3.       It always seems to be the same pages that fail

4.       I've checked the pages in a browser and they load just fine

5.       I've checked them with the parsechecker and indexchecker and they work fine as well.

Are there any other steps I should be taking to troubleshoot this, or does someone now what could be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance

Sadiki Latty