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FieldCacheImpl caveat

Oliver Flege
An undocumented feature of FieldCacheImpl led to an OutOfMemoryError
in our application and to know about that might be of general interest:

We are using lucene 2.3.1 and our index (3m documents)
is updated 3 times per day. On every update, we create a new
instance of a Searcher class, which is defined like this:

class Searcher {
   private final IndexReader indexReader;
   private final int[] ids;

   Searcher(IndexReader indexReader) {
         this.indexReader = indexReader;

         this.ids = FieldCache.DEFAULT.getInts(this.indexReader, "ids",
                new FieldCache.IntParser() {
                    public int parseInt(String s) {
                        return Integer.parseInt(s, Character.MAX_RADIX);

The ids[] field is used to improve search speed and had been added recently.
At first, everything looked fine, but after a couple of days
our application crashed with an OutOfMemoryError.

The FieldCacheImpl (implementation behind FieldCache.DEFAULT) stores entries
in a WeakHashMap and uses IndexReader objects as keys, so when a particular
IndexReader is only weakly reachable its values can be removed from the cache.

Since we only have a single reference to the most recent Searcher instance in a
Controller class, it seemed obvious that stale values in FieldCache's WeakHashMap
could be gc'ed as soon as a new Searcher object replaced the old one.

BUT FieldCacheImpl stores a reference to the IntParser (or any other parser)
in the cache. Since we used an anonymous inner class, it contained a reference
to the enclosing Searcher instance which in turn referenced the IndexReader, so
that was never only weakly reachable and never got removed from the FieldCache.
After replacing the anonymous inner IntParser with a static inner class,
the FieldCache worked as expected.

It would be a good idea to document the fact that the FieldCacheImpl stores
references to Parsers.