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French Analyzer with accents

Grégory Debord
Hi nutch-users,

I have updated my nutch version (0.7.2) to include the analysis-fr plugin as
described by Jérôme in the Nutch Wiki (Multi Lingual Support) and NUTCH-261.
I've updated as well the front-end to take advantages of this analyzer in

The french stemming seems to work well (the query "moteurs" gives me pages
with "moteur" and "moteurs") but :
1 - Accents are kept in the query (the query café does not give me pages
with "cafe" and "café"). Should this plugin solve this point?
2 - Highlight of the summary with search terms does not always work (or not
properly). Is this a known bug? If so, is there a patch for version 0.7.2.

Thanks for your help.

-- greg