GData and GPL -- the license nightmare

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GData and GPL -- the license nightmare

Simon Willnauer
Hi there,

I'm struggling with db4O I use as a persistence. It is GPL licensed
but I do not include any src / binary with the server at all. I only
include bridge code in the product. If anybody wants to use db4o the
source has to be compiled again to be included in the binary jar.
Licenses are out of my scope so I read a lot of asf sites as soon as I
got to this page:
YOU MAY include code within the Apache product necessary to achieve
compatibility with a prohibited work through the use of API calls,
"bridge code", or protocols, provided that the compatibility code was
contributed under a CLA. However, any such code used for compatibility
with a third-party work that is licensed under terms that violate
criterion #2 ("must not place restrictions on the distribution of
independent works that simply use or contain the covered work."), such
as the GPL, requires review and explicit approval of both the PMC
chair and the Legal Affairs officer. This review will ensure that the
Apache product takes only the necessary steps to achieve

I modified the build script to skip all packages containing Db4O code
if the jar is not present. Additionally there is no download task for
db4o.jar, users must download it themselv.

Now I wanne be 100% sure if that is ok or not.  Have you any answers
to this or do you know who I have to ask.

best regards Simon

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