Get docs with same value in one other field ?

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Get docs with same value in one other field ?

Bruno Mannina-2

Hello all,


I’m facing a problem that I would like to know if it’s possible to do it with one request in SOLR.

I have SOLR 5.


I have docs with several fields but here two are useful for us.

Field 1 : id (unique key)

Field 2 : fid (family Id)





fid: 1254


id: YYY

fid: 1254


id: ZZZ



id: QQQ

fid: 3698


I request only by id in my project, and I would like in my result have also all docs that have the same fid .

i.e. if I request :



I get the docs ZZZ of course but also QQQ because QQQ_fid = ZZZ_fid


MoreLikeThis, Group, etc… don’t answer to my question (but may I don’t know how to use it to do that)


Thanks for your help,





Bruno Mannina

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