IOException while searching in a new index.

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IOException while searching in a new index.

Flavio Eduardo de Cordova

        I just updated Lucene to 1.4.3 (final) and while running some unit tests (on my application that runs on top of lucene engine) I got the IOException: The system cannot find the path specified.

        I found at that there was an issue about temp directory but I couldn't realize if it was related to the problem I'm facing now, even because it reported a bug of RC3.

        What my unit test does:
                1 - It creates 100 documents in a new index, closing the IndexWriter - OK !
                2 - Check it all the documents were property created by counting the documents (not searching) - OK !
                3 - searches a subset based on one of the fields - ERROR !!!
        Does anybody have a clue of what's happening ? Is it really a bug or am I doing something wrong ? If it's a bug, is there any workaround ?

        Thanks !