Issue: Hit Highlighting Working Inconsistently in Solr 6.6

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Issue: Hit Highlighting Working Inconsistently in Solr 6.6

Vikram Oberoi
Hi there,

I'm seeing inconsistent highlighting behavior using a default, fresh Solr
6.6 install and it's unclear to me why or how to go about debugging it.

Hit highlights either show entirely correct highlights or none at all when
there should be highlights.

   - Some queries show highlights out of the box, some do not.
      - e.g. "hello" yields no highlights, but "goodbye" correctly yields
   - Some queries that do not show highlights suddenly work when specifying
      - e.g. "subject:hello" yields highlights, but "hello" does not
   - When queries that yield highlights and queries that do not are
   combined, only those that work are highlighted.
      - e.g. "hello goodbye" yields highlights correctly for "goodbye", but
      not for "hello"

I've thrown specific details and examples in a Gist here:

Full Gist:

   - Problem description:
   - Solr install, my schema, solrconfig details:

Does anyone here have any hypotheses for why this might be happening?