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Maximum Length of String for a Field


>Is there maximum length to a string that is analazyed and put into a field?
>IE if the String is 1 billion characters and analyzed, tokenized, and the
>last word in the string only appears once at the end, would searching for
>that last word against that field end with a hit for that document?

Note that I'm relatively new here, too.

But I think the answer to your question is "no", based on

>public void setMaxFieldLength(int maxFieldLength)
>The maximum number of terms that will be indexed for a single field
>in a document. This limits the amount of memory required for
>indexing, so that collections with very large files will not crash
>the indexing process by running out of memory.
>Note that this effectively truncates large documents, excluding from
>the index terms that occur further in the document. If you know your
>source documents are large, be sure to set this value high enough to
>accomodate the expected size. If you set it to Integer.MAX_VALUE,
>then the only limit is your memory, but you should anticipate an
>By default, no more than 10,000 terms will be indexed for a field.

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