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Missing href attribute handling

Hi Jukka,

Previously the HtmlParser code (or rather, HtmlHandler) would ensure  
that there was always an href attribute for an <a> tag - if it was  
missing, it would get set to "".

The new code no longer does this, which caused some of my code to fail.

I see the new code looks like:

                 String href = atts.getValue("href");
                 if (href != null) {
                     xhtml.startElement("a", "href",  
                 } else {
                     String anchor = atts.getValue("name");
                     if (anchor != null) {
                         xhtml.startElement("a", "name", anchor.trim());
                     } else {

I'm assuming this is by design, though for XHTML the use of "name" is  
deprecated, with "id" being its replacement.

-- Ken

Ken Krugler
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