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[Nutch Wiki] Update of "DownloadingNutch" by SebastianNagel

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The "DownloadingNutch" page has been changed by SebastianNagel:

remove outdated current version, link to Nutch download page which lists the latest release

  You have two choices in how to get Nutch:
-   1. You can download a release [[http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/nutch/ |here]]. At the moment the latest release is 1.6.
+   1. You can download a release [[http://nutch.apache.org/downloads.html|here]].
    2. Or, you can check out the latest source code from Git and build it with Ant, this gets you closer to the bleeding edge of development. The master branch (from which [[http://nutch.apache.org//nightly.html|nightly builds]] are built) is under heavy development with bugs showing up and getting squashed fairly frequently.
  There is a separate repository for Nutch version 2 development and some documentation can be found on the FrontPage but please discuss this with the developers before looking for it :-)