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Patch testing on Windows [BETA]

Allen Wittenauer-6
        I’m a little hesitant to share this because it’s really Not Quite Ready for primetime, but I figured others might want to play with it early anyway.  


Will let you test patches on Windows.  It does have some big caveats though:

        * It will NOT update the JIRA.  You’ll need to go back and check on the results later.
        * It pre-applies two other patches to the source tree:
                * HADOOP-14667 modifies how Visual Studio is used.  This patch still needs some cleanup in order to work in a compatible way with precommit.
                * HADOOP-14696 changes how the parallel directories are created during unit tests.  Steve had some problems with it that I haven’t been able to replicate.  I’ll likely just un-optimize the changes at some point.
        * It currently only runs on the windows-2012-2 node.  We just need INFRA-15010 to be completed on the other nodes.
        * It’s running a slightly modified version of hadoop’s Apache Yetus personality (see YETUS-545).
        * It’s using a shared maven cache, so there is a risk of classes missing/corruption like we used to have on the Linux test boxes two years ago.  This is an easy fix and I just haven’t gotten around to it.
        * A good number of the unit tests on Windows are really broken.  Badly.  Let this be a catalyst to fix them.

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