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Providing patch via Pull Request

Alex Bodó
Hi All,

I am trying to submit my first contribution to YARN and so I would like to
ask some help/ clarification regarding the appropriate ways of doing this.

I was happy to see in the contributors guide that Pull Requests are a
viable alternative to uploading a patch to Jira. (

*Provide a patch*

> *There are two patterns to provide a patch.*
>    - *Create and attach a diff in ASF JIRA*
>    -
>    *Create a pull request in GitHub
>    <>*
> ...

> *Creating a GitHub pull request*

*You need to set the title which starts with the corresponding JIRA issue
> number. (e.g. HADOOP-XXXXX. Fix a typo in YYY.)  Jenkins precommit job will
> search the corresponding GitHub
> <> pull request and apply the diff
> automatically.  If there is a corresponding pull request, you don't need to
> attach a patch in this issue because the precommit job always runs on pull
> request instead of the attached patch.*

Based on this I did the following:

1.) I created a pull request against the trunk branch as described in the
contributors guide
2.) I set the Jira status to 'patch available'

These steps did not trigger the run of the Jenkins tests.

Are these steps correct, or am I missing something here?


Thank you
Alex Bodo