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Re: [DISCUSS] Merge yarn-native-services branch into trunk

Jian He
I’ve chatted with Andrew offline, we’ll proceed with merging yarn-native-services into trunk for beta.
We’ll advertise this feature as “alpha"
Currently, we have completed all the jiras for this merge - I’ve also moved out the subtasks that are not blocking this merge.

I’ve created YARN-7127 to run the entire patch against trunk, once that goes green, I plan to start a formal vote.


On Aug 18, 2017, at 2:48 PM, Andrew Wang <[hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:

Hi Jian, thanks for the reply,

On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 1:03 PM, Jian He <[hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:
Thanks Andrew for the comments. Answers below:

- There are no new APIs added in YARN/Hadoop core. In fact, all the new code are running outside of existing system and they are optional and require users to explicitly opt in. The new system’s own rest API is not stable and will be evolving.

Great! That adds a lot more confidence that this is safe to merge.

Are these new APIs listed in user documentation, and described as unstable?

- We have been running/testing a version of the entire system internally for quite a while.

Do you mind elaborating on the level of testing? Number of nodes, types of applications, production or test workload, etc. It'd help us build confidence.

- I’d like to see this in hadoop3-beta1. Of course, we’ll take responsibility of moving fast and not block the potential timeline.

Few more questions:

How should we advertise this feature in the release? Since the APIs are unstable, I'd propose calling it "alpha" in the release notes, like we do the TSv2.

Could you move out subtasks from YARN-5079 that are not blocking the merge? This would make it easier to understand what's remaining.