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David Hastings
Im looking through the slides from 2016 as well as the presentation again
from 2017

and in them there is a user interface for this project, that i dont see as
being available so im assuming it was created as a different project, would
be nice to have access to that.  also, all of the examples in the
repository, do not match any of the data in the "example.csv" but I am
assuming thats because I didnt not configure it for the job domain and
download the source data.

I was wondering if there were more general examples or documentation
regarding this.

My use case for this is to ingest a large number of documents, and find the
relationships between them as well as "interesting phrases" rather than
interesting words that come out of MLT.  At the presentation:

the 23 minute mark and on for 4 minutes or so is what i would like to see
an example feed and query for.

Thanks, Dave