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Shards, delete duplicates ?

Bruno Mannina-2

Dear Solr users,


I have two collections C1 and C2

For C1 and C2 the unique key is ID.


ID in C1 are patent numbers normalized i.e US + 12 digits + A1

ID in C2 are patent numbers as I receive them. US + 13 digits + A1 (a leading 0 is added)


My collection C2 has a field name ID12 which is not defined as a unique field.

This ID12 is the copy of the field ID of C1. (US + 12 digits + A1)

Data in ID12 are unique in the whole C2 collection.


Data in C1_ID and C2_ID12 are the same.


I try to request these both collections using shards in the url.

It works fine but I get duplicate documents. It’s normal I know.


Is exists a method, a parameter, or anything else that allows me to indicate

to  solr to compare ID in C1 with ID12 in C2 to delete duplicates ?


Many thanks for your help,



Bruno Mannina

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