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Rodrigo Tripodi
Hello everybody,

I know it's a little bit late, but I'm really excited to submit a google
summer of code proposal for the Mahout project. I've read there is already a
k-means implementation, so I've decided to implement another algorithm. I've
chosen to implement one clustring and one classification algorithm, a priori
the EM and SVM algorithms.

I've graduated college last december and I worked on multi-core parallel
programing tools and implemented a parallel version of the k-means
algorithm. I've just started my mastering course at the State University of
Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil), mainly focused on content-based image
retrieval and relevance feedback. So I'm really interested on clustering and
classification algorithms since it's intensively used in image retrieval and
an important optimization problem.

Well, I have some java development skills but I've no experience with the
Hadoop platform.
What do you think about it?
I do appreciate any comment and help.


Rodrigo Tripodi
skype id: rtripodi