Solr5, Clustering & exact phrase problem

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Solr5, Clustering & exact phrase problem

Bruno Mannina-2

Dear Solr-User,


I’m trying to use solr clustering (Lingo algorithm) on my database (notices with id, title, abstract fields)


All works fine when my query is simple (with or without Boolean operators) but if I try with exact phrase like:

..&q=ti:“snowboard binding”&…


Then Solr generates only one cluster named “other” and put inside all notices.


As I test it since few times, I have in my solrconfig the sample that example gives.

Of course, I changed field names.


Do you know if I made a mistake, missing something or may be exact phrase is not supported by clustering ?


Just one another question, I want to generate clusters by using fields abstract and title, is exact what I did ion my solrconfig:

Carrot.title = title

Carrot.snippet = abstract


Thanks a lot for your help,


Bruno Mannina

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