Unified highlighter and complexphrase

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Unified highlighter and complexphrase

Bjarke Buur Mortensen
Hi list,
Given the text:
"Kontraktsproget vil være dansk og arbejdssproget kan være dansk, svensk,
norsk og engelsk"
and the query:
{!complexphrase df=content_da}("sve* no*")
the unified highlighter (hl.method=unified) does not return any highlights.
For reference, the original highlighter returns a snippet with the expected
Kontraktsproget vil være dansk og arbejdssproget kan være dansk,
<em>svensk</em>, <em>norsk</em> og
Is this expected behaviour with the unified highlighter?

I have also filed this a bug report here:
but maybe some of you can help out.

Thanks in advance,
Senior Software Engineer, Eluence A/S