Why are there no more URLs to fetch?

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Why are there no more URLs to fetch?

Martin Eisenhardt-2

I am playing a bit with Nutch, a really great tool. I only have one
problem: after the second or third round, there are no more URLs to


  bin/nutch generate db segments

produces the following output:

051018 194154 parsing file:/home/mneisen/nutch/conf/nutch-default.xml
051018 194154 parsing file:/home/mneisen/nutch/conf/nutch-site.xml
051018 194154 No FS indicated, using default:local
051018 194154 FetchListTool started
051018 194154 Overall processing: Sorted 0 entries in 0.0 seconds.
051018 194154 Overall processing: Sorted NaN entries/second
051018 194154 FetchListTool completed

I am prepared to give more details if needed, I may even post a
tarball of my db/ and segments/ directories.

Thanks in advance for any advice and/or help!

Kind regards
Martin Eisenhardt