Write my own crawler VS use nutch?

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Write my own crawler VS use nutch?

I am successfully using lucene in our application to index 12 different
types of objects located in a database, and their relationships to each
other to provide some nice search functionality for our website.  We are
building lots of lucene queries programmatically to filter based upon
categories, regions, zip codes, scoring, long/lats...

My problem is that there is content that is not in the database which we
have a lot of... (about 3000+ pages) that we need to also include in the
search results.  It's a whole lot of jsp's.

As I see this, I can either
a) Migrate this application to nutch
b) Write a web crawler to crawl our site and inject the crawl results into
our lucene index.

I am leaning towards option B (write our own crawler), since I think it
would only take me a couple of days of write a simple crawler and I wouldn't
have to change much else.

Can anyone think of any points/counterpoints for using Nutch vs. writing a
crawler to extend our already used lucene framework?


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