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Dwane Hall
Hi guys,

I’m just following up from an earlier question I raised on the forum regarding inconsistencies in edismax query behaviour and I think I may have discovered the cause of the problem.  From testing I've noticed that edismax query behaviour seems to change depending on the field types specified in the qf parameter.

Here’s an example first using only solr.Text fields.

(all fields are “text_general” – standard tokenizer, lower case filter only)

NAME solr.TextField

ADDRESS solr.TextField

EMAIL solr.TextField

PHONE_NUM solr.TextField


"querystring":"peter john spain",

"parsedquery":"+(+DisjunctionMaxQuery((PHONE_NUM:peter | ADDRESS:peter | EMAIL:peter | NAME:peter)) +DisjunctionMaxQuery((PHONE_NUM:john | ADDRESS:john | EMAIL:john | NAME:john)) +DisjunctionMaxQuery((PHONE_NUM:spain | ADDRESS:spain | EMAIL:spain | NAME:spain)))",

Now with no other configuration changes when I introduce a range date field (solr.DateRangeField) called “DOB” into the qf parameter the behaviour of the edismax parser changes dramatically.

DOB solr.DateRangeField


"querystring":"peter john spain",

"parsedquery":"+(+DisjunctionMaxQuery(((+PHONE_NUM:peter +PHONE_NUM:john +PHONE_NUM:spain) | (+EMAIL:peter +EMAIL:john +EMAIL:spain) | () | (+NAME:peter +NAME:john +NAME:spain) | (+ADDRESS:peter +ADDRESS:john +ADDRESS:spain))))",

Notice the difference of the “|OR” and “+AND” between terms and also every term is now mandatory to exist in every field.  Is this the expected behaviour for the edismax query parser or am I overlooking something that may be causing this behaviour inconsistency?

As always any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated,