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general versus java-user@lucene e-mail lists

Erik Hatcher
Because we now have the e-mail lists general@lucene and
java-user@lucene, I want to clarify their purpose.  java-user@lucene is
where we discuss the Java implementation of Lucene.  The general@lucene
list is for discussions that are about the Lucene top-level Apache
project that do not pertain to a specific implementation or sub-project
- such as organization of the sub-projects, cross-implementation
testing, etc.

Several have posted to general@lucene recently but those mails are
really best sent to java-user@lucene.  I am subscribed to both and
filter them both into my "Lucene" folder, and may or may not notice
which of the lists I'm replying to.  Please use the appropriate list
for your messages.

If there is anything we can do to avoid confusion with the e-mail
lists, let us know.


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