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keyword count? how to?


Just got started with Solr :-) First of all I am not a Java expert so i am struggling with the problem below .. any help pointer would be great.

I have a small index for concept testing with the following fields..
id, title, description, link

Example data :
11, first title, first description, first link
12, second title, second description another description keyword, second link
13, third title and two more title keyword title, three description, description, description, 3rd link another keyword link and a keyword description

How can I or what will be the query syntax that does give me the following results.. I like to present it on my first page i.e these word counts are done directly after building the index or performing a special query ..

title : 5
description : 7
link : 4

is this possible without doing much java coding? Is there a way to limit the number of top keywords in my index .. i.e show the user top 20 keywords.. can I also show snippets like

keyword "description" : total 7
1.  first description
2. second description another description keyword
3. three description, description, description
4. 3rd link another keyword link and a keyword description

Any pointer help would be much appreciated.. also maybe this is a performance killer and not a wise thing to do?



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