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[lucy-user] Dezi index format change

Peter Karman
In the latest releases of SWISH::Prog::Lucy (0.23) and Dezi::App (0.004) there
are some changes to how fields are defined in Lucy's Schema object, specifically
with the Analyzer chain that is used.

The good news is that this change better supports multi-value fields as
described here:


and supports the PropertyNamesCompareCase Dezi config directive.

The bad news is that this change will require indexes to be re-created. You
should plan accordingly before upgrading any of the related modules:

* SWISH::Prog::Lucy 0.23 or later
* Dezi::App 0.004 or later
* Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy 0.400 or later

You can read more about how Dezi defines fields here:

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