master-master replication in solr 1.4 (java replication)?

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master-master replication in solr 1.4 (java replication)?

Tim Heckman
I was looking into whether I could configure a master-master
replication setup for solr (using the java replication in 1.4). My
goal here is providing failover for updates, not load balancing. Only
one node would receive updates at any given time.

My first attempt didn't work. With a little experimenting and looking
around, I saw that in, it only checks whether the
index version on slave is equal to the version on the master. Even if
the slave has a newer index version, it pulls the master's (older)
version. It's straightforward to add a few lines to check whether the
slave has a later version than the master and then not pull in that

Obviously, this does not even attempt to deal with load balanced or
distributed configuration where any node could get updates. That's not
what I'm trying to do.

What do the people on the list think about this? (How big of a mistake
am I making? / What am I missing?)


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