query Slower with Document Routing while Use on Heavy Index Size

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query Slower with Document Routing while Use on Heavy Index Size

Ketan Thanki

I have issue as mentions below while use Document Routing.

1: Query  is slower with heavy index for below detail.
Config: 4 shard and 4 replica,with  8.5 GB Index Size(2GB Index Size for each shard).
-With routing parameter:
q=worksetid_l:2028446%20AND%20modelid_l:23718&rows=10000&_route_=1041040!2964!&wt=json taking QTime=3.4
-Without routing parameter:
q=worksetid_l:2028446%20AND%20modelid_l:23718&rows=10000&wt=json taking QTime=3.2

2:Query is faster with lowest index for below detail.
Config: 2 shard and 2 replica  with 190 mb for 1 shard (Data index only in 1 shard with document routing)
-With routing parameter:
q=worksetid_l:103963 AND modelid_l:3611&rows=10000&wt=json&_route_=79190!451!&wt=json taking QTime=39
-Without routing parameter:
q=worksetid_l:103963 AND modelid_l:3611&rows=10000&wt=json taking QTime=1.4

so issue is while query on heavy index size its getting slower with routing parameter which is same like without routing parameter.

Please do needful.


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