solr 6.2.0 deployment

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solr 6.2.0 deployment

Ken Fan
hi solr apache,

introduce me, my name is kenfan from indonesian and work in IT company
(ifabula digital kreasi).
after i try solr, that very fast search engine. i used and researched it.

may i ask solution about how i deploy solr 6.2.0 to openshift online? i
stucked a few days configuring solr in openshift.
any step or advice or tutorial for running solr version 6.2.0 in openshift?
realy need help..

thank you.


*Ken Fan*

*PT. Ifabula Digital Kreasi*

Office : Rukan Kencana Niaga Blok D1 No. 1E
Meruya Jakarta Barat - Indonesia