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[ANN] LuceneKit Preview 1

Yen-Ju Chen

  A minimum set of LuceneKit has been ported based on Apache Lucene svn version.
  I would like to use this chance to make an announcement of LuceneKit
Preview 1.
  While many features are still missing,
  all the implemented classes pass theirs unit tests,
  though it doesn't guarantee LuceneKit Preview 1 is bug-free.
  The headers/interface of LuceneKit may still change to make it be
more Objective-C style.
  LuceneKit is only tested under MacOS 10.4 with GNUstep-make.
  I have no access to any other Unix/BSD/Linux for testing.

  LuceneKit is part of √Čtoil√© project.
  The homepage is at

  Help is very welcome.
  See TODO for more details.

  Have fun


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