[ANNOUNCE] Apache Nutch 2.4 Release

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Nutch 2.4 Release

Sebastian Nagel-3

the Apache Nutch [0] Project Management Committee are pleased to announce
the immediate release of Apache Nutch v2.4. We advise all current users
and developers to upgrade to this release or to switch to use Nutch 1.x
alternatively (see below).

This release contains 81 issues addressed. For a complete overview of these
issues please see the release report [1].

As usual in the 2.X series, release artifacts are made available as only
from our downloads page [2] and also available within Maven Central [3].

Please note that we expect that v2.4 is the last release on the 2.x series.
We've decided to freeze the development on the 2.x branch for now, as no
is actively working on it. Also note that this wasn't an easy decision and
in any case it's revertible. The source repositories of the 2.x branch will
be ready for future continuation of the development at any time. To keep up
with bug fixes and improvements we recommend using the Nutch 1.x 'master'
(current release is 1.16) instead as this branch is under active
Thank you to everyone who contributed to Nutch 2.x over the years!

Thanks to all Nutch contributors which made this release possible,
Sebastian (on behalf of the Nutch PMC)

[0] https://nutch.apache.org/
[1] https://s.apache.org/bFfL
[2] https://nutch.apache.org/downloads.html