Apache Mahout Hackathon - Berlin - Feb 2011

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Apache Mahout Hackathon - Berlin - Feb 2011



early 2011 - on February 19th/20th to be more precise - the first Apache Mahout
Hackathon is scheduled to take place at c-base in Berlin. The Hackathon will
take one weekend. There will be plenty of time to hack on your favourite Mahout
issue, to get in touch with local Mahout committers, get your machine learning
project off the ground. The venue features a bar that sells drinks (including
Club Mate) so no need to bring those.

Please register at https://www.xing.com/events/apache-mahout-hackathon-647603 if
you are planning to attend this event so we can plan for enough space for
everyone. If you have not registered for the event there is no guarantee you
will be admitted.

If you'd like to support the event: We'd love to provide pizza and drinks for
free. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact me at
[hidden email]

A special Thank You to c-base for providing the location free of charge.

Feel free to forward this information to anyone who might be interested, tweet
the event, include information on your blog if you are attending. Check the
above link to learn of potential changes.

Looking forward to a fun and productive weekend,

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