Apachecon early bird registration extended to September 22, 2007

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Apachecon early bird registration extended to September 22, 2007


(NOTE: cross posted apache announcement to all Lucene project user lists,
please be careful about your reply-to)

Hey everybody, just wanted to forward some info from the ApacheCon US
organizers ... the deadline for the discounted "early bird" price has been

On the last day of the Con one room is going to be almost almost
completely dedicated to Lucene talks from Me, Ken Krugler, Grant
Ingersoll, and Michael Busch (with a Tomcat session in the middle just to
cleanse your pallet).  Plus Grant is doing an all day Pre-Confrence Lucene
training session as well for those that really want some hands on time.

With this much Lucene talk going on, I'm also confident there will be a
nice big BOF session, plus you never know who might be sitting next to you
at lunch :)


ApacheCon US 2007  -  Atlanta GA

To support everyone in the community attending this conference we are
extending the Early Bird Registration to September 22, 2007.

Register now and save money PLUS your registration supports the Open
Source Community.

And PLEASE get this message out to your friends and others at work.

Buttons and banners available on site http://www.apachecon.com by
September 7,2007

Please help us get the word out!

ApacheCon Team