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Erick Erickson
It’s been a while. I think this is mostly informational. I was all excited when the reports were getting soooo much better, but that was an artifact of some test environments not being up and running.

When Mark’s test work hits, we’ll probably have to start over.


For instance, TestPackages has a 76% failure rate over the last week.

Here’s the top failures. I’m not going to annotate for a while.

There were 141 unannotated tests that failed in Hoss' rollups. Ordered by the date I downloaded the rollup file, newest->oldest. See above for the dates the files were collected
These tests were NOT BadApple'd or AwaitsFix'd

Failures in the last 4 reports..
   Report   Pct     runs    fails           test
     0123   5.0      849     47      BasicAuthIntegrationTest.testBasicAuth
     0123   0.5      884     13      DimensionalRoutedAliasUpdateProcessorTest.testCatTime
     0123   2.3      884     15      DimensionalRoutedAliasUpdateProcessorTest.testTimeCat
     0123  18.0      873     69      LegacyCloudClusterPropTest.testCreateCollectionSwitchLegacyCloud
     0123   0.5      832      5      MathExpressionTest.testGammaDistribution
     0123   3.9      852     37      TestCloudSearcherWarming.testRepFactor1LeaderStartup
     0123  10.8      855     64      TestModelManagerPersistence.testFilePersistence
     0123  11.2      857     66      TestModelManagerPersistence.testWrapperModelPersistence


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