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Erick Erickson
Actaully, pretty good. The attached file has a lot of noise in it that’s a listing of the files that have more or less SuppressWarnings annotations than last week, the delta is -19. It’s a crude measure, I can replace N SuppressWarnings in a class with one for the entire class, but it’s also easy to count. Down is the right direction though.

NamedList accounts for a huge number of SuppressWarnings. I do wonder if we can figure out better ways to avoid warnings with that class. Other than replace it. Wholesale surgery to replace it just to avoid warnings is a pretty bad idea of course….

SuppressWarnings count: last week: 5,372, this week: 5,353, delta -19

Processing file (History bit 3): HOSS-2020-07-13.csv
Processing file (History bit 2): HOSS-2020-07-06.csv
Processing file (History bit 1): HOSS-2020-06-29.csv
Processing file (History bit 0): HOSS-2020-06-22.csv

Number of AwaitsFix: 46 Number of BadApples: 4

**Annotated tests that didn't fail in the last 4 weeks.

  **Tests removed from the next two lists because they were specified in 'doNotEnable' in the properties file

  **Annotations can be removed from the following tests because they haven't failed in the last 4 rollups.

  **Methods: 0

Raw fail count by week totals, most recent week first (corresponds to bits):
Week: 0  had  19 failures
Week: 1  had  24 failures
Week: 2  had  26 failures
Week: 3  had  26 failures

********Failures in Hoss' reports for the last 4 rollups.

There were 71 unannotated tests that failed in Hoss' rollups. Ordered by the date I downloaded the rollup file, newest->oldest. See above for the dates the files were collected
These tests were NOT BadApple'd or AwaitsFix'd

Failures in the last 4 reports..
   Report   Pct     runs    fails           test
     0123   0.9      447      5      TestInPlaceUpdatesDistrib.test

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