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CDCR - cross data center replication

Petersen, Robert (Contr)
Hi all,

So for an initial CDCR setup documentation says bulk load should be performed first otherwise CDCR won't keep up. By bulk load does that include an ETL process doing rapid atomic updates one doc at a time (with multiple threads) so like 4K docs per minute assuming bandwidth between DCs is actually good?

Also as a follow up question, in the documentation it says to do the bulk load first and sync the data centers then turn on CDCR, what is recommended for the initial sync? A Solr backup and restore?



CDCR is unlikely to be satisfactory for bulk-load situations where the update rate is high, especially if the bandwidth between the Source and Target clusters is restricted. In this scenario, the initial bulk load should be performed, the Source and Target data centers synchronized and CDCR be utilized for incremental updates.


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