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CFP - Berlin Buzzwords 2011 - Search, Score, Scale


This is to announce the Berlin Buzzwords 2011. The second edition of the successful conference on scalable and open search, data processing and data storage in Germany, taking place in Berlin.

Call for Presentations Berlin Buzzwords

Berlin Buzzwords 2011 - Search, Store, Scale

6/7 June 2011

The event will comprise presentations on scalable data processing. We invite you to submit talks on the topics:

* IR / Search - Lucene, Solr, katta or comparable solutions

* NoSQL - like CouchDB, MongoDB, Jackrabbit, HBase and others

* Hadoop - Hadoop itself, MapReduce, Cascading or Pig and relatives

* Closely related topics not explicitly listed above are welcome. We are

looking for presentations on the implementation of the systems themselves,

real world applications and case studies.

Important Dates (all dates in GMT +2)

* Submission deadline: March 1st 2011, 23:59 MEZ

* Notification of accepted speakers: March 22th, 2011, MEZ.

* Publication of final schedule: April 5th, 2011.

* Conference: June 6/7. 2011

High quality, technical submissions are called for, ranging from principles to practice. We are looking for real world use cases, background on the architecture of specific projects and a deep dive into architectures built on top of e.g. Hadoop clusters.

Proposals should be submitted at no later than March 1st, 2011. Acceptance notifications will be sent out soon after the submission deadline. Please include your name, bio and email, the title of the talk, a brief abstract in English language. Please indicate whether you want to give a lightning (10min), short (20min) or long (40min) presentation and indicate the level of experience with the topic your audience should have (e.g. whether your talk will be suitable for newbies or is targeted for experienced users.) If you'd like to pitch your brand new product in your talk, please let us know as well - there will be extra space for presenting new ideas, awesome products and great new projects.

The presentation format is short. We will be enforcing the schedule rigorously.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event (e.g. we would be happy to provide videos after the event, free drinks for attendees as well as an after-show party), please contact us.

Follow @hadoopberlin on Twitter for updates. Tickets, news on the conference, and the final schedule are be published at

Program Chairs: Isabel Drost, Jan Lehnardt, and Simon Willnauer.

Please re-distribute this CfP to people who might be interested.

If you are local and wish to meet us earlier, please note that this Thursday evening there will be an Apache Hadoop Get Together (videos kindly sponsored by Cloudera, venue kindly provided for free by Zanox) featuring talks on Apache Hadoop in production as well as news on current Apache Lucene developments.

Contact us at:

newthinking communications

GmbH Schönhauser Allee 6/7

10119 Berlin,


Julia Gemählich

Isabel Drost

+49(0)30-9210 596

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