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CaffeineCache description


Using CaffeineCache as the cache, if maxRamMB is set at the interface, it is not clearly shown in the description.

It is recommended that the maxRamMB cleanupThread maxIdleTime parameter  in the description.

Solr8.7.0, 9.*


/** Returns the description of this cache. */
private String generateDescription() {
int maxRamBytes = maxRamBytes != Long.MAX_VALUE ? (maxRamBytes / (1024L * 1024L)) : -1;
return String.format(Locale.ROOT, "TinyLfu Cache(maxSize=%d, initialSize=%d, maxIdleTimeSec=%d, maxRamMB=%d, cleanupThread=%b%s)",
this.maxSize, initialSize, maxIdleTimeSec, maxRamBytes, cleanupThread, isAutowarmingOn() ? (", " + getAutowarmDescription()) : "");