Call for Presentations Berlin Buzzwords - one more week to go

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Call for Presentations Berlin Buzzwords - one more week to go

As a reminder: the call for presentations of Berlin Buzzwords will
close next week on Tuesday, March 1st. Submissions on scalable search, data
storage and analysis are all welcome. We are looking for presentations on
the core technologies such as Apache Hadoop, CouchDB, Lucene, Redis,
Voldemort but also talks on interesting use cases and system architectures:

We are very proud to announce that Doug Cutting as well as Ted Dunning have
agreed to join us as keynote speakers. Several very interesting talk proposals
have been submitted already. The list of accepted speakers will be published
soon after the CfP closes. Tickets are out for sale - don’t wait too long to get
your early bird ticket.

In addition we are in the process of drafting some additional packages for
those of you who would like to bring their non-tech spouse to the conference
or need day care facilities for their children. If you are interested in
either package please provide feedback online:

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin this summer,

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