Client can override "final" dfs.replication value

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Client can override "final" dfs.replication value

Bobby Dennett-3
We have recently decreased the dfs.replication value on our cluster
from 3 to 2 and see behavior similar to that described in issue
HADOOP-2270 (
Even though the parameter dfs.replication has been made "final" at the
cluster level, we are still seeing files being created from jobs &
"put" operations with replication 3.

Based on the issue information (HADOOP-2270), it seems that this bug
has not yet been fixed. We are currently running Cloudera Hadoop
0.20.1+169.68... is there any workaround for this issue?

We plan to change the client configuration but are hoping for a way to
enforce a non-default replication value.

Thanks in advance,