Combining edismax Parser with Block Join Parent Query Parser

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Combining edismax Parser with Block Join Parent Query Parser

Ravi Lodhi
Hello Guys,

Does Solr support edismax parser with Block Join Parent Query Parser? If
yes then could you provide me the syntax or point me to some reference
document? And how does it affect the performance?

I am working on a search screen in an eCommerce application's backend. The
requirement is to design an order search screen. We were thinking of using
a nested document approach. Order information document as parent and all
its items as child document. We need to perform keyword search on both
parent and child documents. By using Block Join Parent Query Parser we can
search only on child documents and can retrieve parents. The sample
document structure is given below. We need "OR" condition between edismax
query and Block Join Parent Query Parser.

Is the nested document a good approach for the order and order items
related data or we should denormalize the data either at parent level or
child level? Which will be the best suitable schema design in this scenario?

e.g. If I search "WEB" then if this is found in any of the child documents
then the parent doc should return or if it is found on any parent document
then that parent should return.

Sample Parent doc:
"orderId": "ORD1",
"orderTypeId": "SALES",
"orderStatusId": "ORDER_APPROVED",
"orderStatusDescription": "Approved",
"orderDate": "2021-01-09T07:00:00Z",
"orderGrandTotal": "200",
"salesChannel": "WEB",
"salesRepNames": "Demo Supplier",
"originFacilityId": "FACILITY_01"

Sample Child doc:

"orderItemId": "ORD1",
"itemStatusId": "ORDER_APPROVED",
"itemStatusDescription": "Approved",
"productId": "P01",
"productName": "Demo Product",
"productInternalName": "Demo Product 01",
"productBrandName": "Demo Brand"

Any Help on this will be much appreciated!

Ravi Lodhi