[Contribute] Merge Tokenizers/Filters About and Description Sections

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[Contribute] Merge Tokenizers/Filters About and Description Sections

Paras Lehana
Hi Community,

In Ref Guide 8.3's *Understanding Analyzers, Tokenizers, and
Filters Section*
I see that after giving general information about Analyzers, there are
subsections in order "*About Tokenizers", "About Filters", "Tokenizers" *and*
"Filter Descriptions"*. Note how Description for Tokenizer is given after
briefing about Filters. The About
<https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/8_3/about-tokenizers.html> and
Description <https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/8_3/tokenizers.html>
sections overlaps duplicate information. Also, as the text stresses,
Tokenization and Filters are actually part of Analysis.

What I want to suggest is to have one (About) Analysis subsection with the
text of About Filters and About Tokenizers merged. The division will look
nicer with having more descriptive texts in following subsections. The
order could be:

*Analyzers  > Tokenizers (Description) > Filters (Description) > ...*
If we are willing to keep tokenizer and filter definitions separately, we
can merge the About and Description sections of Filters/Description

I'm reading the reference guide for the third time and everytime, this flow
seemed odd to me and thus, shared with you all.


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