Creating a new scoring filter.

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Creating a new scoring filter.

Hi, I'm working in a fixed set of URLs and I'd like to replace the
standard OPIC score plugin with something different. I'd like to create
a scoring plugin which entirely bases its score on the document parsed
data (yes, I will trust the document text itself to decide its relevance).

I've been reading the code and the ScoringFilter interface seems to be
targeted for use by OPIC like algorithms. For example, the step called
after parsing is called "passScoreAfterParsing()", telling me what am I
supposed to do in that method, and the method setting the scores is
called "distributeScoreToOutlink()". All of this scares me... would it
be safe to use these methods differently and, e.g., modify the socument
score in "passScoreAfterParsing()" instead of just "passing it"?

Should I post these kind of questions to the dev list instead?