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Custom HitCollector

Grant Ingersoll-2
Is there a way to hook in my own custom HitCollector into the search  
process and still have all the magic of Solr?  I see from [1] that  
someone else is interested in something like this, just don't know if  
anything came of it.  Worst case, I could hook in my HitCollector and  
sacrifice the caching, but this would be less than ideal.



Grant Ingersoll
Center for Natural Language Processing

Read the Lucene Java FAQ at

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Solr web apps!

niraj tulachan
Hi all,
     I'm very new to Solr and I did try the tutorial and deploy the provided demo application. I got the basic understaning how it work.  However, when I tried deploying the same demo in Tomcat, it was unsuccessful.  Anyway, what I'm trying now is I want to create have a two jsp/servlet( for example: searchjsp and resultjsp) where searchjsp send the "search parameter" to Solr server and resultjsp receives the result from the Solr server and display it.  My question is what is the best way deploy this application/ suggestion on dir structure..Any help/suggestion would be appericated.

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