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[DISCUSS] Release 1.17 ?

Sebastian Nagel
Hi all,

30 issues are done now

including a number of important dependency upgrades:
- Hadoop 3.1 (NUTCH-2777)
- Elasticsearch 7.3.0 REST client (NUTCH-2739)
Thanks to Shashanka Balakuntala Srinivasa for both!

Dependency upgrades to be included (but still open right now):
- Tika 1.24.1
- Solr 8.5.1

The last release (1.16) was in October, so it's definitely not too early to
release 1.17.  As usual, we'll check all remaining issues whether they should
be fixed now or can be done later in 1.18.

I would be ready to push a release candidate during the next weeks and have
already started to work through the remaining issues. Please, comment on
issues you want to get fixed already in 1.17!