Distinct values based on selected fields

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Distinct values based on selected fields

We have a requirement where I have to do a distinct on the set of fields
being passed as input.  I tried grouping but it seems to accept only one

Solr Data:
Id                  Field1  Field2  Field3
Index 1:a:x    1         a         x
Index 1:a:y    1         a         y
Index 1:b:x    1         b         x
Index 1:b:y    1         b         y

If I pass all the three fields, then i should get the above output.

If I pass only fields 1 and 2 in the input, then I should i get only
1 a
1 b

Currently we have about 25 fields in the index and looking for a way to
apply uniqueness on any combination of fields.

P.S: Post-processing from ruby end also takes lot of time(since
non-duplicated solr results are around 70K)

Thanks in advance

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