Extending SOLR default/eDisMax query parser with Span queries functionalities

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Extending SOLR default/eDisMax query parser with Span queries functionalities

Kaminski, Adi
We would like to extend SOLR default (named 'lucene' per: https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/6_6/the-standard-query-parser.html)
or eDisMax query parser with additional functionality of Lucene Span queries in order to allow via standard parsers to execute position search (SpanFirst, etc.)
via more trivial interface (for example 'sq=' clause).

Is there any guideline/HowTo regarding required areas to focus on/implement, important notes/checklist, etc. ?
(the idea I guess is to inherit the default/eDisMax relevant classes and expand functionality, without harming the existing ones)

We've found the below try to do something similar, but it was at 2012 and on very old Solr version (4.X), and i assume default SOLR/eDisMax
parsers were changed since then (we are on Solr 8.3 version right now).

Thanks a lot in advance,

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